Release Note : Medicapp Pro v4.3 iOS native app & webapp

We are delighted that Medicapp Pro app is a hit among healthcare professionals. Many thanks to everyone involved in improving the Medicapp Pro digital platform. A new version of the Medicapp Pro app is available for download in the Appstore since July 2, 2019. Concomitantly we have also published a new version of Medicapp Pro webapp.

Both versions contain many new features and corrections. Customers received a detailed Release Note, here is a summary :

Major update of medical record sharing among practitioners

Data back-up and recovery

Many changes have been made to the Cloud Medicapp at the level of backup and data recovery. Secure data backup at an Authorized Host for Health Data has been improved to streamline the synchronization of medical record data between multiple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) and the webapp on the browser of your computer.

All shared patients among practitioners within the same Trust Space are visible in mobile app

After creating a Trust Space in your webapp, you can see patients shared with your colleagues. Patients who have been created by your colleagues appear in green color. It’s now the same in the mobile app – you can view and edit patients created by members of your Trust Space and they are distinguished by a green color.

Trust-Space visible in app

Go to “Office” tag to view the name of the Trust Space (your office, clinic, hospital department) and the owner of the area – the person to contact if you need to make admin changes.

Share one, selected or all patient records

You now have the option of adding or removing a patient record from the shared records list in the Trust Space to which the you participate.

Design your own questionnaires

Design a new questionnaire

You each have your way of working, each specialist requires different information … You can now build your own questionnaires independently and then find them in the application. It’s very simple – you add titles, pages, questions and answers; you can create them, duplicate (to save time), delete. Go to the webapp, then left menu tag “Bilans”, then click to add a new one. Please contact our client service for more detail and assistance.

Save your questionnaire

Once your questionnaire is finished, save it and find it in the application. Just sign in to the app, then go to the TESTS tab and choose the “Custom” filter. Or go through the patient file, + (add) Evaluation, and then search for your questionnaire via the search bar.

Share your questionnaire with other practitioners

Would you like to share your customized medical questionnaire with members of your practice or clinic? You just have to be in a common ​​Trust Space and then you can click on “Share (partager)” and choose the member to send this report to. He only has to connect in his application to find it.

There are many news coming up by the end of a summer regarding customized questionnaires and sharing. Stay tuned !

Calendar and recurring meetings

Shared calendar

New improvements in calendar sharing – view by practitioner or all practitioners (users) are available. We have begun work on the management of rooms and equipment that will be available in autumn. You can see the beginning in the webapp from your browser.

Agenda vue praticien ou tous les professionnels de santé du cabinet.

Add a new patient or series of consultation directly in the Calendar

You can now create new patients and prescriptions directly in the Calendar. Check “New patient” and “New prescription” and new fields open.

Calendar – recurring consultations

We hope that this much requested feature will satisfy you. You can create recurring meetings – every day, 2 days, weeks, 2 weeks, weekends, Monday, Tuesday …, Sunday included or not, during X sessions. You must have selected the patient before.

Consultations, series of consultations, contact list

Summary of Number of Sessions Total, Planned and Completed

Summary of Number of Sessions Total, Planned and Completed

More efficient consultation overview

Thanks to your suggestions, you will now find in the summary of the sessions the following information: label, the name of the practitioner who performed the consultation, date and duration of the consultation, type of consultation, reason and careplan, attendance and billing.

Contacts’ list

You will be now able to add the corresponding doctors directly in defining consultation details, in the application as in the webapp. You can also see the list of shared doctors, it is enough that there is one practitioner or user of your Trust Space who seizes them. The search engine for contacts (doctors, paramedics, social service, family …) has also been improved.

You can also read an article about 3 best practices to keep in mind while using Medicpap Health Cloud : how to share data on different devices and among practitioners, how to get a new OTP (code) and everything about keeping your app up-to-date.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by email or call us +33184169024 (French number).

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