Digital Medical Record system for health professionals

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Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management
Track and structure data easily, manage patient follow-up through indicators; manage your consultations’ scheduling, photos integrated in medical record, use scores and generate reports automatically…
Secured multi-device health data sharing
Access patient data on tablet, phone or desktop, wherever you are; data is synchronized via secured Cloud certified for health data storage; it works online or offline.
Clinical evaluations and customized forms
Collection of over 200 functional, pain and quality of life scores to help guide patient care along with your clinical judgment; reports are generated automatically in PDF format; build your own medical forms…
Electronic Health Record Sharing Functions
Improve coordination of care, manage your “trust space”and choose what you share and with whom you share it; send emails via secured messaging MS-Santé; increase patient participation in care …
Communication et coordination of care
75% of health professionals wish to improve communication between health professionals for better patient care and outcomes*
Generate reports automatically within 3 minutes
Use our collection of over 200 functional, pain and quality of life scores to help guide patient care along with your clinical judgment; they were selected by our Scientific committee based on scientific publications and recommendations. Thanks to templates and MCQ format, you can generate reports automatically and print or send the final PDF. You can create your own templates too.
Increase patient participation in care
Patient can fill in functional, pain or quality of life scores; to involve patients helps improve outcomes and patient experience. Medicapp Pro is the first application that enables you to send those scores to a patient in his own app. He can prepare the consultation and complete scores. The results are then sent to your app in his medical record via secured Cloud sharing.
Share patient health information for better patient care
Share patient data easily and securely among all authorized providers involved in a patient’s care within your practice or outside. Better care coordination can lead to better quality of care and improved patient outcomes.
Clinics : centralize all information on secured Cloud
Health data from all practitioners can be centralized in a single secured and structured database according to HL7 standards. It helps better patient coordination and can avoid errors. For more details, please contact Medicapp.
Save time thanks to patient check-in function
Save time thanks to digital patient check-in – patients can update their information and answer auto-evaluation scores. The data will automatically sync with the Mediacpp EHR, so no data entry is required.
Risk management and liability prevention
Tracking all relevant information at one place, enabling evidence-based decisions at point of care; reducing medical errors through better access to patient data…
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