Medicapp Health Cloud 3 best practices

Medicapp Connect hosts your data at an Authorized Host of Health Data (HADS). We respect all requirements for strong authentication, backup and sharing of health data in France and Europe.

Back up your data on the Cloud regularly

The backup in the mobile application is not automatic. It is necessary to back up your data regularly. Only saved data can be restored in case of a problem or device change. To do so, go to the CLOUD tab, then in the page called “Save”, save the patient files one by one or all at once. When you restore saved data on another device or if you have a new phone, go to the Restore page and recover the patient records – one by one or all at once. If you wish to use more devices, please contact us for instructions.

“OTP” is a One-Time Password

For security reasons, the activation code, which is often called OTP, is only valid once for a user and a device. If you change your phone, you need to contact client service and ask for another OTP, the old one can not work, you do not need to keep it. We can not provide it in advance because it is only valid for 20 days.

And do not forget, on a new device, only data saved on the Cloud before-head can be recovered.

Keep your application up to date

It’s important to always have the app up-to-date. You’ll get new features and fixed bugs, but it is especially necessary for security reasons. Finally it is important for the migration of data from one version to another. If you skip one or more versions, it may impact your data. The updates are regular and you will be informed. They take into account your comments, suggestions and feedback on the problems. You can also participate and contact us by email or phone to tell us about your needs and your use.