Pricing & plans
Premium20/mo/userAdvanced Electronic Medical Record System

iPhone and iPad app, access via desktop

4 devices per health professional

Electronic Medical Record management

Follow-up of consultations and treatments, clinical evaluations

Integrated photos and graphic tools; document scanning, printing and sending via mobile app

Selection of measures and scores and customized forms

Scheduling and shared calendar

Back up on Certified health data Cloud

Online and offline operation

Free educational resources including training videos

Online chat customer support

Telephone support and remote control for complex operations

Assistance with installation and set-up; dedicated implementation specialist


Trust space management, user authorisations management

Health data sharing with colleagues

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Application for iPad or iPhone
Electronic medical record management : administrative and personal information, medical history, treatment follow-up…

Selection of measures – functional, structural tests, pain questionnaires and quality of life assessments, based on scientific recommendations. A final PDF is generated automatically and can be sent or printed.

Scheduling : Follow-up and addition of consultations, synchronization with the web calendar.

Integrated photos and graphic tools : take photo directly in the patient file, graphic tools (goniometer, arrow, grid, text, EVA). Photos can be integrated into the PDF of the assessment.

Scan documents directly into the application with the camera.

Cloud: encryption, secure connection and data backup on certified Health Data Cloud, with recovery system.

Cloud: access your data on device of your choice. It is necessary to request an activation code for any new device or user.

PC or Mac access via the Google Chrome browser
Electronic medical record management: creation and modification of the personal information and the medical file, medical history, treatment follow-up…

Access to all documents created in the application: scans, PDF of clinical evaluations and tests, photos…

Individual calendar or shared calendar: creation and modification of appointments, follow-up of consultations. Find the appointments created in the application where you can check no-shows too.

List of patients, prescription follow-up and list of prescribers.

Customized forms : add your questionnaires, create your own medical form models, and find them in the application.

Cloud features and statistics

Medical Billing features are available for France only. Billing features will be available soon : edit quotes and bills, print them or send them by email, view your income and expenses.

The customer service is at your disposal via online chat, email or phone.

Technical requirements
The Medicapp Pro app is available on iPhone and iPad on iOS 10 or more recent version.

Patient records are accessible on your Mac or PC through the up-to-date Google Chrome browser.

Recommended memory size (RAM)
Minimum RAM memory of 2GB.
4 GB RAM recommended for larger offices to ensure better flexibility.