Smart features for your health records and practice management
Available on iPhone, iPad and desktop
Download Medicapp Pro for free in Appstore. Stay tuned, it will be soon available on GooglePlay. You can access your data on your PC and Mac too. Access data anywhere, anytime.
Secure health data Cloud
Secure back-up and data sharing with authorized practitioners via certified health data Cloud for the EU : ISO 9001, ISO 27000, 27001 and structured database according to HL7 European standards.
Reliable and responsive customer service
You can contact us by email, phone or chat with us online ! Teaching materials are also available on help.medicapp.pro and our YouTube Medicapp Connect channel.
Digital Medical Record
Digital Patient record
Track patient data over time and reduce the risk of forgetting or missing important details. Maintain more complete, consistent and legible records for efficient and reliable access. Add all personal details and medical history, check and monitor prescriptions and treatments, scan documents, add medical evaluations, photos…
Productivity and legibility
Access patient information quickly and easily; scan documents and take photos directly with your mobile device and integrate them in the medical record; increase productivity with easy record searches. Digital medical records help avoid mistakes caused by illegible writing; it reduces manual error with automated filling, helping you generate reports automatically; collect and share past and current information of your patient.
Increased patient involvement in care
To involve patients helps improve outcomes and patient experience. You can use scores, photos and other tools to show progress to your patient. Soon available: Medicapp Pro enables you to send these scores to patients via the app. There, patients can prepare for consultations and complete scores regularly. They can then send their results back to you via the app, where you can find them in their personal medical record thanks to secured Cloud sharing.
Clinical evaluations and measures
A selection of over 200 of measures for assessing quality of life, including functional disability indices, health status scales, measures of life satisfaction, as well as pain assessment tools to help guide patient care along with your clinical judgment; reports are generated automatically in PDF format.
Photos seemlessly integrated in medical record
Here are two good reasons to includes photos in a medical record: firstly, it is proven to increase patient safety, but is also helps back up your treatment with evidence. It is a tool for both the practitioner and the patient, helping showcase progress. A patient photo capture process is easy and convenient, seemlessly integrated in your patient’s medical record. You can also use graphic tools, such as goniometer, arrow, pain evaluation, grid, text …
Customize your medical forms
To better understand patients and their needs, each practitioner often has their own process, questions and forms. You can add your own questionnaires and templates to the Medicapp Pro app and fully customize your patient follow-up. MCQ forms are available, as well as open questions or images. If you’d like to to install a widget for your customized medical forms, contact our team: we’ll create them on your desktop, and you’ll also be able to use it via your mobile app!
Certified EU Health Data Cloud
All your data is saved on Certified Health Data Cloud for the EU data storage and sharing. It has ISO certifications 9001, 27000 and 27001. Access is secured by a certificate/key that is installed at the first connection. Contact our team to install this certificate and open Cloud connection.
Streamline office communications
Access your data from anywhere, anytime and on the device of your choice – iPhone, iPad, desktop PC and Mac. It will be soon available for Android too. For each device you’ll need a certificate/key to secure your connections and share data between devices. Enter your key and you are set. To assure constant access to your data, Medicapp Pro works offline too.
Back-up and health data recovery
In healthcare, a solid remote data backup as well as well-executed data recovery solution is a critical function. We’re focused on providing you with secured Cloud system with current, flexible, secure and speedy technology solutions to keep your data accessible at all times and safe. You can rely on our healthcare-ready cloud including encryption of data in-motion.
Easy transmission of data and Cloud sharing
To share information with a practitioner who replaces you or with your colleagues within the practice – manage your « trust space » and choose what you share and with whom you share it. To improve coordination of care, you can add external authorized users.
Centralized data-base for small or large practices and clinics
Health data from all practitioners can be centralized in a single secured and structured database according to HL7 standards. This helps speed up the process, allows for better patient coordination and helps minimize errors. For more details, please contact our team.
Allow authorized users to access data
Track and audit user access with automated logs and processes. Security logs will give accurate sorting, filtering, and reporting and don’t need any Protected Health Information (PHI). Our digital system is audited too and we keep records to justify those logs if challenged. This is a crucial function for risk management and liability prevention.
Practice group of all sizes
Medicapp Pro includes features that enable you to create and define profiles of practitioners and staff in your practice, and downsize with confidence. You can have individual database or a shared database.
Define your "Trust space"
Access and share data easily. Trust-space is fully customizable : choose what you share and with whom you share it. You can add or retrieve users easily.
End-to-end practice management and billing
Medicapp Pro includes billing services, billing codes and denial analysis (available for French billing system). Soon editing bills and quotes feature will be available.
Efficient scheduling and shared calendar
Add appointments easily, view them in real-time on all your devices; check the availability of your colleagues differentiated by profiles and color codes; access directly the health records of your patients.
Patient check-in and appointment reminder
Available soon : Patients can check-in and update their information, answer medical forms and fill in scores that are synced with your Medicapp Pro app; reduce no-show thanks to reminders.
API connection with major scheduling providers
Do you already use a major scheduling system to streamline your appointments and avoid no-shows? Soon new integrations will be available. Check with our team how we deal with your provider.
Free Educational Resources
Access help.medicapp.pro or our Youtube Medicapp Connect channel with free video training and instructions. Find details on how to get started, how to use Medicapp Pro and what’s new in the software and applications. You’ll find here solutions to problems you may encounter.
Onboarding and updates
Our team helps you install and set up your software. We help with you with training and customization for seemless integration. There are regular updates and new features. We remain attentive to your suggestions for any improvement – join our community.
Online customer support
We’re so pleased that our customers enjoy our online chat! Do you have a question to ask us between two consultations? Our team is available and ready to answer questions promptly during listed business hours. You can chat in French and in English. Reaching customer service has never been so easy!
Telephone customer service
Our advisors are at your disposal to answer any technical or functional question in French and in English. They can remotely take control of your software when more complex manipulation or analysis is required to solve the problem quickly. It’s simple and efficient!